Maybe it is because English is not my mother’s first language, but I grew up in a household where slangs and cliches were seldom used. I believe it is because of this that I have been interested in the etymology of certain adages. The expression that emerged for me in getting ready for this presentation is “you’re as old as dirt.” This saying isn’t as hard to decipher as some. Since the dawn of the earth, there has always been dirt. So…if you’re as old as dirt you’re pretty darn old. When I first traveled to the West Bank, I… Continue Reading This Article

Vocational Transitions

Unlike several generations before us, we tend not to stay at one company or job until retirement. We, I believe, attach much of our identity to our jobs and vocations. Since we are a work in progress, we tend to change jobs and vocations. Like George Eliot wrote, we are trying to become the people we’ve “always wanted to be.” I am not suggesting that changing jobs is easy and that we do it without thoughtful consideration. With any change there are losses and gains with which to contend. Nearly six years ago, I made a successful career change. I… Continue Reading This Article